Kali in the park – Deltona

Another good Kali Silat/Self Defense, session in Campbell Park on Sunday.

We train for at least 2 hours and this time we even went over, but thats OK, work and school week has not begun, weekend errands were done yesterday, big nite life night was last night.

We cover such a wide range of skills, that the half hour/forty five minute class format doesn’t do the practice justice.  Also, I don’t cover “fitness” as part of the class.  Students should work on their fitness as much as possible, I am not going to occupy our training time with athletics. A lot of these skills are applicable even if you are ninety years old, and lacking the agility of a sprinter; I’ll refer you to videos and stories of passed on Grand Master Illustrisimo, and of Instructors in their 70’s such as Grand Tuhon Leo Gaje, Guro Dan Inosanto, who can humble individuals less than half their age with their skill and even presence alone.

Here we are working an entry/counter/hubud off  a single sinawali. 

Aesthetics in Kali and Karate form and freeflow

In our Sunday in Campbell Park, Deltona, Training group we’ve been concentrating on partner drills/sinawalis which are a big part of Kali training, along with sparring and self defense.  we’ve been slowly working through the 64 attacks too.

A personal favorite aspect of Kali practice is called Carrenza or Sayaw.  It is different from other martial arts forms in that the movements and techniques are not pre set.  I can never do them the same way twice, because each time it is spontaneous, depending on my skills and knowledge, agility, inspiration, even mood.

Kata, is a predetermined set of moves in a defined order, with precise expectations of power and timing.  Both are suitable training and practice tools, and I have done both, but these days I am drawn by the challenge and demands of inspired creativity that Carrenza permits me.  I will be making time for our group to practice freeflow, but remember, you learn the most…at home!  here’s a sample of both practices, Carrenza and Kata, yes they are older videos.