All the partner drills!

I hope everyone had a great workout today!¬† Workout, Class, or whatever we call it ūüôā

Rick Vargas Kali Silat and Self Defense at Black Lightning Martial Arts.

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We added new partner drills.¬† Remember, there are drills for everything, lots of drills, and more being made up every day.¬† Some practitioners boast how many drills they know,¬†¬† others, only know a few.¬† However, the point is not the amount of drills you know, but to develop the skills the drill teaches in order to apply those skills effectively as needed. You can learn those in as few, or as many drills as it takes to learn them. I’m not as concerned about how many drills you memorize as I am about how well you can do what they propose: a good forehand or backhand strike when needed.¬† To get you that skill we’ll try established and creative drills to get you there.

So, if you have trouble with one drill, don’t be discouraged, there is another you’ll naturally do better at.¬† I especially like to get the ones that are more “natural” through you, than the ones that take greater effort and time.¬† The latter become an issue of personal development and perfection, which can be lifelong and beyond the pale of my presence.¬† The natural ones we can achieve in a few sessions and will be valuable for your self defense.

I was very encouraged¬† when a master instructor I highly regarded once told me about a particular drill I was struggling with; “I don’t know that drill, but I know every move in it.”¬† I eventually learned the drill, but better than that, I understood every movement in it.¬† You can restructure the drill in any order you want and I may not know the new sequence, but I know a thrust, backhand, forehand, and blocks, and I will adapt quickly.

Once you know the moves, the particular drill wont matter.


Sinawali Practice

Deltona Kali Silat training Group meets on Sunday at 1pm in Campbell Park, Deltona, Fl.

We do Sinawali in many variations: double weapon, single weapon, uneven weapon, empty hand, and even unusual weapons and combinations.

Training Sinawali this way keeps you in continuous flow, and makes you have to “think” less about whether you are using a weapon or not, because you are combatively functioning regardless.

You are the weapon, everything in your hand is only a tool!

Kali Silat in Campbell Park, Deltona FL on Sunday

At 1pm under the shade trees or in the shelter.

There are variations on the 64 attacks and the abecedarios.¬† Here’s a friend and instructor, Dennis Ocampo, doing the version I train and teach, then showing his sinawalis.¬† SinaTirsiaWali Kali Silat.

Kali Silat in Campbell Park in Deltona, Sunday, 1pm Practice

A reminder that we will meet at Campbell Park on Sunday at 1pm for Kali Silat Practice.  We will continue the 64 attacks, sinawalis, empty hand training and more.
Here’s an older clip of one of my teachers Mas Guro Greg Alland, doing double stick freeflow:

Deltona Kali Silat Training Group 1st meeting

It was the first meeting of a group to train in Kali Silat.  We met in Campbell park.  It was the first exposure to Kali training for the participants.  We covered History and background,  5 of abecedario/64 attacks, footwork, sumbrada, sinawali, hubuds, and more.  A wide base but I like to lay a wide base so we can build from any point.