Waddaya mean fun?

I often tell people that the practices of Kali Silat are fun.

Most people think of martial arts practices and “serious” stuff where you can’t talk or move around, and every move has to be exacting to the instructor’s measures.  When I say fun I mean that you can take what you learn, interpret it to your understanding and abilities, then express that knowledge as unique to you.  This is an aspect I especially like.   We call it free flow, carrenza, or sayaw, and “it’s all good” as they say.

Sometimes the endless repetitions on the way to learning are not so fun. getting hitor injured is not too much fun, but expressing your freedom and individuality, that is always fun.

We’re starting a new season at the Rick Vargas Kali Silat and Self Defense Training Group, at Black Lightning Martial Arts in Debary Florida.  Come learn new skills, and have some fun.  Contact info below, or use the email form:

We meet at:


961 Diplomat Dr. Ste. 103

Debary, Fl 32713

(386) 337-5056 or (703) 622-0331    to schedule a visit.

We are located in the Live Oak Center off of Enterprise Rd. in Debary/Orange City.  Serving Debary, Orange City, DeltonaSanfordDelandLake Helen, and Osteen.


Friends From Virginia, video of fight

Glad to see Master Neil Ehrlich, Jimi Wilson and his lovely wife Tamara at the IKF championships yesterday.  Jimi won the Flyweight championship.

It’s been almost a year since we last trained and sparred together,

Neil, Jimi, Rick

Neil, Jimi, Rick

but he’s not at a loss for training partners, and I’ve never known him to be idle about his practices at all.  Here’s a guy who is the full package; he fights  in a variety of styles (muay thai, kickboxing, point, etc.), does traditional Korean form, does Wushu form and weapons, teaches martial arts, has a real job as a professor, and is a great all around dude.

He’s a good picture of not just martial arts skills but of personal development. Here’s a few seconds of action I captured while working his corner.

Jimi at IKF Championship 7-21-13

No Class this Sunday, July 20th

My friend, training partner, fighter, and fellow coach James Wilson (Jimi), will be fighting this Sunday July 20th at the International Kickboxing Federation (IKF) World Classic in Orlando, Florida.

The link is: http://www.ikfkickboxing.com/

He is coming down from Virginia and I will be there to support him. Therefore, there will be no Kali Silat Training this weekend on Sunday at Black Lightning Martial Arts. We will resume next week as usual. Also coming is my teacher Master Neil Ehrlich, and I look forward to seeing them both.

Check the website for fees, come and watch, should be exciting.