“…only if you carry a stick around with you…”

English: Stick fighting is one of the most fam...

Stick fighting is one of the most famous parts of Eskrima, Filipino Martial Arts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Kali is only good if you carry a stick around with you.”  Gotta thank M.A. for mentioning that she heard this from someone in relation to Filipino Martial Arts Practice.

It’s a common comment from observers who see us clacking away or twirling and doing disarms.  It’s even a little more disappointing when you hear that it’s a Filipino who says it, after all, it is their native martial art.  I am not Filipino, but I am unapologetically biased for it.

So is the comment a valid point?

Hardly.  For one, it’s not a “stick” martial art, it’s a fighting art.  It encompasses weapons and more: matched and unmatched weapons, unarmed vs weapons, unarmed vs unarmed with striking and grappling, ground fighting, partner fighting and multiple opponents.

In my experience it’s one of the least segmented martial arts; one combative action may include a weapon for weapon counter, disarm, hand strikes, re-counter, kicking, joint lock, limb destruction, take-down to finish. You learn all this almost simultaneously.

Train TaeKwonDo and you’ll be kicking without learning take-downs anytime soon, take Jiu Jitsu and you won’t be learning punching that first month, take boxing and you won’t know what to do when someone bear hugs you, and on and on. Within a handful of classes my students are striking with and without weapons, kicking, locking, taking down.

A lot of us in FMA all do the same things, the differences are in training methods and order of instruction.   All in all I’d say that in ten FMA classes versus 10 classes of any other martial  art, you’ll know more, and you’ll understand that you don’t need to “carry a stick around with you!”



Kali in the park!

Good Kali In The Park session today. Not that there’s ever going to be a bad one. Good work Gav, Tony, Red, M.A.

Boys in the Park

Kali, Arnis, Escrima (Photo credit: Boso)

We covered some progressive material, of which there are lifetimes worth of things that can be touched upon, and we stepped back to explore what the real bottom line of what we’re training to do is.  It’s not just about self defense and “Do this, this way,” or about defending the integrity of the style, but about contributing to the individuals personal growth, through some aspects of a particular training.

In a way, it’s easy to teach a martial art.  Get a belt or make one up, use a memorized chart of steps and forms, repeat. But to use martial arts training to bring joy, grace, to expand  consciousness, to create well being, to really develop holistic self confidence is another story.

That’s the story I want to take part in with my students and friends.
I’ll remind you all again, make notes, practice at home, once given to you by me it’s yours, develop it, make it your own.Sticks are in, I have 3 sets left. We’ll be presenting and training in other venues soon, make sure I have your emails for notices, or check back to the blog often.  See you  all next week (or sooner)!

We’re Back.


Had a good time getting together for our Kali in the park after the holidays.

Welcome to our latest guest, Marianne, we look forward to seeing you again.  To those who missed it, we missed you as well, stay in touch.  Rick_Talledo DoPa

To everyone, keep a small notebook!  So you can review material on your own, and since we are all at different levels of learning and instruction, you can keep me up on what you’ve been instructed and practiced in.

Keep me informed! Sound weird?  Here’s why.  I really don’t teach a “System” or particular style.(I do but I don’t, you’ll see)  I teach and train skill sets to individuals.  There are many skill sets I draw from and I try to adapt the details of the skill set to a person’s personality and character, body type, agility, goals, and capacity. And thats cool, so long as WE get it to work for YOU, spontaneously, even with so called imperfections, when You really need it.

That’s also why I prefer to be called “coach” if anything other than Rick, as it easily implies a partnership.  Sensei, Sifu, Guro, “Master,” etc. are only relevant in their respective traditions, and they indicate a vast gulf between you and the other.  A gulf which is temporary at best.  It’s not just about the fight, it’s about better living, and personal development 🙂

See you all next Sunday and subscribe!  If we change time or place, have a special seminar, get in supplies, this will be where it gets mentioned..

Kali in the Park again, Deltona Florida, various locations

Location: We will generally meet at Campbell Park in Deltona, Sunday afternoons at 1pm.  By invitation we will meet at various locations, outdoor and indoor in and around Deltona.

Martial Arts and Personal Protection training drawn from the arts of the Philippines and Indonesia, adapted for you, today, here and now.

Fun and easy to learn.   Super Graceful. Effective.
Timeless self defense and personal protection skills.

Fluid and fast.  Not focused on athletics. Learn, train, and develop according to your capacity.  Ideal for mature men and women.  Safety conscious, ego free and “bad ass attitude” types free.

No uniforms, no belts, no certificates.
What matters to me as a coach through martial arts training is your personal development, personal knowledge and skills, and your personal best, I think anything else is token, egocentric, short lived, and even meaningless.

Men, Women, Adults of all ages encouraged! 

There is a small fee for this training,email for current location and fee, but:

INSTRUCTOR RESERVES THE RIGHT TO DECLINE AN INDIVIDUALS PARTICIPATION AT ANY TIME.  The training is intended for law abiding, well mannered individuals of good character and sound mind, as determined by the instructor.  For insight into the practice and the instructor see the blog at:  https://rickva.wordpress.com/

Practicing Martial Artists Welcome.  A lot of schools say they “do a little” Kali, Arnis, Escrima.  We do the opposite, we do it a lot.  Complement your Karate, TaeKwonDo etc. with the truly wide ranging richness of this art, add diversity to your personal knowledge with this exotic skill set.

SINA TIRSIA WALI s the name of the base “style” I teach.  In addition, it is freely intermixed with elements of other styles I have trained in, and even with other martial arts and general life experience, to provide you with the best that I have, as much as I can.

Contact Information:  Coach Rick,  rickva.sr@gmail.com
Located in Deltona, Fl
Other Details
Finally, Martial Arts Training, for people who don’t want all the muss and fuss of traditional martial arts training.  Topics Covered
  • The 64 attacks
  • Sinawalis
  • Specialized Seminars
  • Many partner practices and drills
  • Empty hand combat training
  • Free Flow (better than Katas!)
  • Private Training Available
  • More! Much, much more.