The Training Group is meeting Saturday’s at 1pm. Here’s the flyer, for more info call, share it with your friends.

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Come to M.A.S.S. !

Come to a different and exciting martial arts experience!

M.A.S.S. is: Martial Arts Skill Sets.

How is it different?  It is not style centric.  You won’t be spending all your time in only TaeKwonDo things, or just Boxing, Karate, etc. 

The base of this practice, training and instruction is Kali Silat, a combination of Vid imagealready skill set diverse martial arts originating in the Philippines and Indonesia. I gave up training style centrically a long time ago.  Now, in any given session we may train Boxing skills along with weapons offense/defense, mixed with kicking skills and trapping, along with defensive movement and more. 

It’s not MMA; Mixed Martial Arts. 

MMA is an athletically driven combat sports practice more suitable to young athletes and tough guy minded people. 

Grp1If your interest is self-defense, MMA is not the best avenue to start to learn that in.  If you are a mature individual, most MMA training will injure you and cause you more harm than good.  If you are an analytical thinking person, MMA will soon leave you wanting.

M.A.S.S. is not for children, rather, not for most children.  It’s definitely not day care.  I have taught some exceptional young children, but this practice is for 18 and up, 16 with parents’ approval and understanding.

It is for average working people, students, homemakers, who are into personal development, who would like to learn some defensive fighting skills, some graceful movement practices, who would like to have some fun with other like-minded adults and discover new things. 

You need not be a fighting sports athlete to benefit and enjoy M.A.S.S.

It’s not for people looking for a “Black Belt” although the skills you learn here will greatly supplement your current martial arts practice.  There is no certification either.  You will learn according to your own capabilities, at a pace appropriate for you, at an intensity you can handle.  DKS4

My current private students range in age from 50 to 72 years young, male and female.  They learn challenging yet applicable self-defense skills and concepts every day, and have a lot of fun doing it. 

There are no uniforms or belts, come in street or gym clothes.  I play music while we train.  We converse about many things relating to violence, life experience, and self-defense, after all it is a thinking person’s art.  R&M

M.A.S.S. Intro sessions are by appointment only, call now to schedule a free intro session.

Sessions at Black Lightning Martial Arts in Debary FL.    Saturday’s at 1pm by appointment only, $15 Cash or credit/debit.  

Call 386-320-3075 to schedule, the dojo sometimes  has other activities and we reschedule.  I look forward to working with you! 





Misconceptions about the Law of Attraction

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This applies to negative focusing as well as positive.

If we spend most of our thinking time focusing on the existing negatives and the potential negatives (our current and future problems; lack now, and future lack; what’s wrong now and what will be wrong with our lives) chances are that not much if any positive good will result.

Conversely, if we spend most of our thinking time on the positives of our lives and the potential positives, the likelihood is that favorable outcomes will occur.

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