Sunday morning sermon

Religious people figure that anything they say or post is oh so awe inspiring and valuable to everyone, as long as it say’s “Jesus,” “God,” or “Bible” in it.

It’s not.

With this arrogance they post some of the weakest, lamest, least inspiring  stuff on the internet.  I have seen some awful singing, but since the girl said Jesus somewhere in there, it was posted with “Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about!”  and it was painful to the ears.

There’s lots of postings of church performances that reduce the Christian life to a third rate stage show.  They post framed sayings or bible verses saying “Jesus died for you” and ask you to click “like,” never mind that normally “liking” that someone died is bizarre and questionable.

Even worse is the call to pray for someone’s something that’s not gonna happen with a big guilt trip in it if you don’t participate, similar to the old chain letter thing.  They never post “yesterday, we got 1,000 people to click like on this prayer to cure Mike’s cancer and today he is verifiably healed.”  How about the command “If you love Jesus you’ll post this within 5 seconds for an hour and get a blessing.”  Oops it took 8 seconds, oh well, you blew it.

What would Jesus really do?  Would he be posting this mindless self indulgent crap?  Do you really think it’s making him happy that you trivialize his teachings (you do) and display a lack holy spirit insight and widom?

Please Stop!  It’s not “saving” anyone. It’s insulting to the true spirit of transformation, and even to average intelligence.  Share an applicable life insight, without presumption, which itself is a sin.  Demonstrate some depth, or results of deep study and contemplation, that everyone can appreciate.

You are entitled to live out your devotion in a closed relationship to your diety.

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Pray, read, convince yourself you believe something, light candles or incense, that’s cool. You are entitled to self deception.

You are not entitled to force others to live out your same devotion, or self deception, or to live hypocritically.  That merits opposition and confrontation.

When challenged on proof  of your claims by atheists and non believers, put up or shut up.  Say you don’t know and are studying up on it, or admit it doesn’t work and there might be better options.  Don’t think that hooping and hollering, bible waving, jumping up and down and calling us angry, changes the fact that simple god given rationality disproves your arguments.

Here’s a verse for you:

“…What does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”  It’s there, look it up.

Try walking humbly with your god, instead of the arrogant pettiness you put out all the time.  We’ll all be better off for it. Amen?

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