Kali Silat, Always Learning Always Growing.

It’s always a good day when you can learn, train, have fun, not get hurt, and work within your abilities and capabilities.  This is a great group.  I’m always learning too.

Rick Vargas Kali Silat and Self Defense Training Group

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Kali SIlat

Kali Silat

Effective “Soft Touch” Silat Instruction

I like this guy.  He’s teaching some Pentjak Silat Cimande Jurus and concepts.  But he does so with his student in a graceful and efficient manner. He’s what I call a “Soft Touch” instructor, also what I consider myself.  While teaching; some instructors are always showing off how hard they hit and how fast they are, on the compliant, there to learn students.

Like this gentleman, I look to teach efficiency via economy of energy and movement.  See how he’s concerned with the student. Martial arts for me are more like science than “rock’em sock’em robots.”  Besides, any brute can hit hard, and there’s always someone bigger and harder.

Watch him teach, and learn!