Aesthetics in Kali and Karate form and freeflow

In our Sunday in Campbell Park, Deltona, Training group we’ve been concentrating on partner drills/sinawalis which are a big part of Kali training, along with sparring and self defense.  we’ve been slowly working through the 64 attacks too.

A personal favorite aspect of Kali practice is called Carrenza or Sayaw.  It is different from other martial arts forms in that the movements and techniques are not pre set.  I can never do them the same way twice, because each time it is spontaneous, depending on my skills and knowledge, agility, inspiration, even mood.

Kata, is a predetermined set of moves in a defined order, with precise expectations of power and timing.  Both are suitable training and practice tools, and I have done both, but these days I am drawn by the challenge and demands of inspired creativity that Carrenza permits me.  I will be making time for our group to practice freeflow, but remember, you learn the most…at home!  here’s a sample of both practices, Carrenza and Kata, yes they are older videos.


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