We’re Back.


Had a good time getting together for our Kali in the park after the holidays.

Welcome to our latest guest, Marianne, we look forward to seeing you again.  To those who missed it, we missed you as well, stay in touch.  Rick_Talledo DoPa

To everyone, keep a small notebook!  So you can review material on your own, and since we are all at different levels of learning and instruction, you can keep me up on what you’ve been instructed and practiced in.

Keep me informed! Sound weird?  Here’s why.  I really don’t teach a “System” or particular style.(I do but I don’t, you’ll see)  I teach and train skill sets to individuals.  There are many skill sets I draw from and I try to adapt the details of the skill set to a person’s personality and character, body type, agility, goals, and capacity. And thats cool, so long as WE get it to work for YOU, spontaneously, even with so called imperfections, when You really need it.

That’s also why I prefer to be called “coach” if anything other than Rick, as it easily implies a partnership.  Sensei, Sifu, Guro, “Master,” etc. are only relevant in their respective traditions, and they indicate a vast gulf between you and the other.  A gulf which is temporary at best.  It’s not just about the fight, it’s about better living, and personal development 🙂

See you all next Sunday and subscribe!  If we change time or place, have a special seminar, get in supplies, this will be where it gets mentioned..


2 thoughts on “We’re Back.

  1. Hello Rick !

    It was very nice to meet you at the Park, that Sunday. I hope one day we can train together or maybe we can put a Seminar together. Please let me know if you are up to it..

    Any ways I hope the New years bring you great things. Mad LOVE from the Garimot Arnis Training of Central Florida !!
    Your Brother from the FMA !
    Yogi Diaz ( G.A.T )

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