Kali in the park!

Good Kali In The Park session today. Not that there’s ever going to be a bad one. Good work Gav, Tony, Red, M.A.

Boys in the Park

Kali, Arnis, Escrima (Photo credit: Boso)

We covered some progressive material, of which there are lifetimes worth of things that can be touched upon, and we stepped back to explore what the real bottom line of what we’re training to do is.  It’s not just about self defense and “Do this, this way,” or about defending the integrity of the style, but about contributing to the individuals personal growth, through some aspects of a particular training.

In a way, it’s easy to teach a martial art.  Get a belt or make one up, use a memorized chart of steps and forms, repeat. But to use martial arts training to bring joy, grace, to expand  consciousness, to create well being, to really develop holistic self confidence is another story.

That’s the story I want to take part in with my students and friends.
I’ll remind you all again, make notes, practice at home, once given to you by me it’s yours, develop it, make it your own.Sticks are in, I have 3 sets left. We’ll be presenting and training in other venues soon, make sure I have your emails for notices, or check back to the blog often.  See you  all next week (or sooner)!


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