Martial Arts and Mental Health

Good topic, I look forward to reading more.

Mental health continues to be a taboo subject that we hide and avoid. Martial artists are as guilty of it as anyone else. We project toughness and fitness because that’s what martial artists are supposed to do, right? A typical class will touch on physical health in a number of ways. I’m often talking about my diet and weight loss with martial arts friends. We’ll discuss stretching and weight lifting. But we never talk about emotional and mental fitness. Why? Because when you say mental health, we’re programmed to jump to the worst case scenarios. We think of dangerous individuals who hold society in harms way. These are the outliers, though. They get the most attention because they are the scariest, but they are one end of a spectrum. The reality is that mental health is not constant for every human being living. Inside every class, there are individuals dealing…

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