Martial Arts, Fun, & Self Defense

Location: Debary, FL

“THIS IS FUN AND I LEARNED A LOT!” A student’s comment after their first visit.

Most martial arts and self defense training is operated like a day care center for children, gladiator combat training, or pseudo militaristic boot camp. Some just want to spread a particular art, whether it’s right for you or not, but I want to benefit the individual. At some of these other places you’ll easily get bored, or hurt, or feel like it wasn’t really worth your while.

Check out my training group! We practice M.A.S.S. Martial Arts Skill Sets.

You’ll learn the exotic skills of Filipino Kali Silat, Kickboxing, practical self defense and more.  1249679[1] You will get a bit of a work out, but I’m not treating you like you have an cage match or boxing prize fight next week. Functional skills that even a non athlete can perform to defend themselves is what we’re working on.

No uniforms, no belts, no ranking tests. Learn something, refine it, own it, and move on to the next thing.  Do a little or do a lot. You can set your own pace from light to intense to anything in between.

Meet new people. Discuss self defense, try things out, have a laugh.

Leave happier than you arrived!

Call or email to schedule a visit so we can properly tend to you.

Have some fun on a Saturday afternoon!

Fee is $15.00 per session payable at time of class, credit cards accepted, no refunds. This practice is for responsible law abiding adults, Instructor reserves the right to decline an individual’s participation at anytime.

We meet at:

Black Lightning Martial Arts
961 Diplomat Dr. Ste. 103
Debary, FL 32713
To confirm class times/cancellations and to schedule visit call:

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