Fitness and martial arts

It is not for people who want to “do exercise and loose weight” that’s a separate personal activity.

I added that line to an ad I placed for my martial arts instruction.  Many martial arts instructors and schools advertise that their training will make you fit and loose weight.  I don’t.  I think that the ones who do are kinda making a false claim.

I’m not a nutritionist or a fitness trainer.  I may know a few things along those lines, but as to being qualified to create an effective exercise and nutrition plan for someone, that’s out of my wheelhouse.   I spend my martial arts instruction time on martial arts, not nutrition and fitness. Martial arts and training for skill and excellence in it are time consuming.  So is following a strict program a nutrition and exercise.


I was speaking to a bodybuilder and personal trainer today who said she gets asked “Will I be in bikini shape by beach season?”  To which she answers “That’s totally on you!” She’ll analyse and tailor a regimen for you, recommend specific diet and nutrition for the goals you want to achieve, but as to whether you follow it is “totally on you.”

People lie. They’ll get the charts, the lists and schedules, and since the trainer is not with them 24/7, not follow them to the letter, then lie about it when the results aren’t achieved, even blaming it on the trainer.

Look at the people like this young lady I spoke with today.  She is doing the hard work.  She lifts heavy, and on a schedule. She follows a strict eating discipline, she pushes through the psychological challenges…pretty much on her own, well, she does have husband that helps her and watches her.  But she does it for herself.  She likes seeing the results of her efforts, and those efforts are continual, not a seasonal whim to be in “bikini shape”   She’s made a psychological life decision and committed to it.  It’s not whim.  Dudes

You can loose weight in martial arts training.  When I trained Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA,  I often lost 5 lbs per nights training session; I’d go in at 6pm weighing 180 and come home to weigh myself  at 8pm, and weigh 175 or less.  Having dinner, or a supreme pizza and a soda, and next day I’m weighing 185-187.  Did I loose weight?  Yes.  But next day it had found me back, sometimes with extra.  Why?  because loosing weight wasn’t my commitment.  If I was going to train for 2-3 hours, I wanted knowledge and to refine technical fighting skills.  This woman I spoke with trains about 3 hours a day, not to mention preparing her select foods and supplements.  To combine those efforts is 6 hours a day.  Oh, and she has children. add a job and a commute and only a fanatic will keep up with it all.

It’s unreasonable to claim someone will get quality martial arts instruction and a significant enough exercise session to loose any weight and keep it off continually, in a 45 minute training session, and without being able to monitor the individual’s eating and lifestyle habits. I cannot guarantee weight loss results for anyone else, only you can do that…for yourself.  Gyms, fitness trainers, martial arts instructors are not your mommy!


Fitness is important.  Not just for martial arts but for all of life in general,  because of that, I believe it’s a a lifestyle  decision that needs to be made independent of other decisions.  When you’re serious enough about it , you’ll monitor your own eating and nutrition habits, and the necessary exercise, to support your weight loss goals.  And you’ll get the results you want, no blaming the trainer, the gym, or the martial arts instructor.

Years ago, speaking to friend about how I was skipping tournaments for while till I got in shape to fight, he said this to me “Why, you don’t have to be in shape to fight.”  It’s true, except for the prize fighting arena.  That was about 35 years ago, and the karate tournament circuit was a little rougher than today’s.  You may not be in top athletic shape when you train martial arts, but that doesn’t mean you can’t learn and benefit from the instruction.

Some things may require athleticism, but martial arts were not originally developed to create competitive Olympic Athletes.

In my preferred martial art, the Filipino Martial Arts,  a lot of the most fearsome fighters are those in their 60’s and up!  They cannot run a 4 minute mile, lift 350 lbs, and have more than 5% body fat.  Attack them in a dark alley and when the light shines you’ll be a pile of bloody broken bones.  Why?  Because youthful, elite level athleticism, was not a super necessary element  in martial self defense training.

Work personally on your health and fitness.  See a doctor for an assessment.  Take medications as necessary.  Follow a life affirming eating and nourishment plan, and get appropriate exercise for your lifestyle and age.

Come to me to learn martial arts and self defense.  We won’t waste time on push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks and trying to exhaust you so it takes longer to learn what you need to fight off an attacker.  Self-Defense-2

I am located in Debary, Florida at Black Lightning Martial Arts.

For more details use the form below or in Central Florida call:  386-320-3075



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