I am mentoring a young child.

This is new to me.  I have mentored four adults in my lifetime, and they have become successful as people and professionals.

A child is a different story.  It requires a degree of sensitivity not necessary with adults, and it’s more open ended.  It’s not career focused and the relationship requires a higher level of formality.  But I am psyched about it.  You see, I was mentored; I was mentored by my father at the same age as this child.

I lived with my mother and a wonderful stepfather.  They gave me everything a child needs growing up: food, shelter, clothing, nourishment, and they did it with love.  Yet, I was capable of recieving more.  I’ve already written on how I grew up in a self contained sort of community; we were expected to hold on to particular cultural constructs, in a way we were expected to be cultural property and maintian customs and perpectives, often narrow ones.

My father, who had his own issues, visited me often and took me outisde the box.  While in my community only one type of music was valued, my father exposed me to other types of music.  I hung out with folk singers in Grenwich Village.  While people around me often talked trash, traded insults, and used language in mocking and derogatory ways, I was shown how other people used language to create poetry.  With my father I learned that I didn’t need to always be “on,” either as entertainement for others or to mask my own vulnerabilities.  My father exposed me to sights and sounds I might not have experienced from within my own groups.  My concsiousness was initially expanded by my father.

What can I do for this child?  michelangelo-71282_1280  I don’t know yet, and the discovery has to be a delicate process. But my approach is to love, and to uplift.  I don’t mind admitting I am a little scared.

Like I am facing myself.  I am he, he is me at that age!  Is there  any singular thing that can transform his life for the better due to our connection right now?  Is that even possible?

At that age I was gentle, tender even, vulnerable, fearing people,  events, and circumstances all around me.  Aware of a future but uncertain about it.  It would have taken very little to steer me wrong or right, to do me harm or do me good at that stage.  Help me to be right for this child for as long as our paths are converged.

From ACIM:

“Miracles are a kind of exchange.  Like all expressions of love, which are always miraculous in the true sense, the exchange reverses the physical lawas.  They bring more love to both the giver and the receiver.”

Then let the miracles begin!







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