I saw a guy on the subway, cool looking dude, minding his own business, waiting for the train.

Big dude, 6’6″ or over, around 300 stocky looking pounds, it was winter and he was wearing a thick poofy looking leather coat, ski gloves, heavy jeans, and timberland work boots.  He looked lie a nice dude, listening to his ipod and waiting for the train, and I’m glad he was a nice dude at least at the moment.

But it got me to thinking, suppose he wasn’t a nice dude, instead, drunk, or crazy, and started a fight, or attacked people at random.  He can smother you.  How do you neutralize this guy?  To hit him in the face you’d have to jump a like a kid just to get a bit of a smack on him.  The coat he was wearing was like armor from the neck to the knees.  He had big hands so a casual strike from him would be significant, and being kick by timberland boots is no joke,  He was a football player quality individual.  how do you stop him, precluding use of a firearm, and high caliber at that?

I have a couple of ways I’d approach that, but the easiest would be to strike to the body.

English: PHILIPPINE SEA (March 7, 2010) Aviati...To drill a punch or kick to his ribs or chest so hard you’d break something or at least double him over to bring his head down to eye level, then work on taking out that command center. But, he’s wearing this poofy coat, and I don’t know how many layers of clothing under that.

I’m 5’6″, heavy at 175 lbs, it would have to be a really hard hit, or two, or three.

What about someone lighter and shorter than me, what about a delicate woman?

When I was younger I had something called a makiwara, at the dojo, and at home. It was for hitting practice, for developing hitting power.  These days I use a heavy bag, a punching bag, and I mostly use it like a boxer.  But sometimes, I’ll use it just to do a few rounds of singular, quick, “just as hard as I can” hits.  I try to remember something an instructor told me about punching “with your whole life.”

English: GUANTANAMO BAY, Cuba (March 25, 2011)...

I see guys at the gym sometimes hitting the bag, working their jabs, footwork, being slick, and not shooting big ass power, fight stopping punches, just pity pat.  Other dudes, especially heavier ones, will do nothing but big wind up hay makers you can see coming from Cincinnati.  I try to train and teach a balance of speed and power.  Sometimes you need both. Sometimes you need one more than the other.   If you don’t train hitting under stress with power, chances are you won’t generate the power you need in a crisis moment.

Even with my size, weight, and age, I’m confident I can strike quickly enough, with enough power, to hurt the big guy, after all that is the point, train for anything less and you might as well take ballet lessons.

Because of my body and personality type I prefer finesse over brute force, but even your brute force aspects should be developed, keep that ying and yang balanced.

Practice hitting, really hard and fast, just in case your big guy with the poofy coat and timberland boots, isn’t as nice as mine was.

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