Home Training

Some of my training group members get together with each other and train on their own during the week. 

That represents a sincere interest and dedication, and is also the way you make it your own.  That makes what you are training a way of life not just a class you take.  I hear from everyone and his brother “You a martial arts instructor? Well,  I took taekwondo once”  and they are obese, stiff as an oak, and only shuffle along as a walk.

Joe and I were talking today, and mentioning Master (and I don’t use the term loosely) Jhoon Rhee.  At some TV gala thing, he took the stage, mentioned that among the benefits of TaeKwonDo training are flexibility, and while in his suit, raised his leg, grabbed it with his hand and held it over his head, after that he mentioned strength and did a bunch of pushups and situps in front of all present. 

I don’t remember when it was exactly, but it was a show hosted by Wesley Snipes.  However,  a few years ago at age 80, at a  Washington DC congressional reception, still looking fit, he performs 100 pushups in under a minute, and does a full split. That I have the link for:  Master Jhoon Rhee 80th Birthday   

His martial arts is a way of life, not just a class he took.  Even with periods of non training due to life events or medical issues, you can have martial arts as a positive and beneficial way of life.  Make it your own.

Now, on another note:  train well and practice safely.  We did a lot of lock flows, do them to a point of giving and receiving pressure, but not to do damage to each other, the joints on the human body are its weakest points. Save the snapping and breaking pressure for an assailant.  We trained a lot of disarms and tactics.  Remember, the best disarm is not to be in the neighborhood, second best is a really hard hit to the head, third is to discover it in process, without tunnel vision looking for it. 

See ya’ll next week.

Be well.


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