10 Powerful Affirmations For All Areas of Life!

I like. I am a believer in (I be-living) affirmations. Thanks MEPB.

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Between the media, advertisements, the news, coworkers, family, and friends we are constantly being exposed to other peoples opinions, viewpoints and ‘facts’. Some of which, is not always the most empowering, loving, caring and inspirational stuff you’ll ever hear. Some of it is downright fear mongering, dream stealing, potentially paralyzing, cynical negativity! Day in and day out, on constant replay. Well, what can we do to counteract that? What can we do to defend ourselves and our minds against that? How can we re-wire our brains to debate and confront some of this negativity that we are bombarded with? One way, is with daily affirmations. Here is a list I composed of some of my favorite ones. Let me know what you think!

They are in no particular order.

1. I believe that I have the strength to make my dreams come true.

2. I grow in strength with every…

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