Run Hide Fight – self defense video

During the 911 attacks I was working in Washington, DC in a federal agency building.  We always had news on and it was terrible to see the planes crashing into the towers.  When we heard The Pentagon just a couple of miles away had been hit also, I said out loud “time to evacuate”.  My supervisor there responded to us something like” I haven’t been told  anything, you’ll have to fill out a leave request” On my way out the door “I said sure thing, tomorrow..”. and as I drove away I could see The Pentagon in flames.

I hear from others that left soon after me that the supervisor’s supervisor called him from from outside to ask what he was still doing there.  There were no other attacks in DC, but a lot of chaos in and around DC, and a lot of panic and nerve wracked people were stuck on the roads for hours.  Leaving when I did I had a smooth drive home.

This video is about taking initiative, even when others do not, and not being held back by them. Large and small scale attacks are ever more frequent and it’s worth having and sharing a plan for safety.

Watch it, and may you never have the need to act it out.


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