A training partner who’s sentiments on teaching I share, Thanks, Ervin, from his blog:


Why do I teach? Why do I train?


Monday, 22 April, 2013 12:46 Last Updated on Monday, 22 April, 2013 12:48 Written by Ervin Quintin



20130422-115428.jpgBelow is an entry that I was reminded of after this past week and weekend events. I thought hard and searched for something to strengthen my beliefs on going in the right direction. This is from my own personal journal that I decided to share with the world. Its raw and unedited. Just a free flow of thought to paper. I hope it helps others the way it reminds me of my duties.

I teach because it brings me joy that others find their hidden potential and brings it to the surface. For some, it lies just beneath the surface and for others it is buried deeper within. For those that take longer to see this surface, I am stubborn enough to keep pushing with them. Through thick and through thin, I will be there. Through frustration, confusion and despair, I will help for it is the spirit that is important; their spirit. Not mine. It doesn’t matter how good I am. It only matters how good I can make them! My teachers gave me the spotlight during my journey. It is my turn to place someone else in that spot. I HAVE TO find my replacement. Isn’t that why I teach?!

My teachers, who I’ve been a loyal and dedicated student under for so long, said something that will echo with me for eternity.

“I know when my job is done is when you don’t need me anymore.”

I understand what he means and I know the purpose that it is meant for, but being a forever student is what drives me to push further than greatness. That’s what I want to give! Deliver the gift of “self” and the connection of family. Those two special ingredients is what nurtures passion and desire…at least for me. The greater I become, the greater I can make others. It is my job to make others better than me but I will not make it easy for I will build myself, also, along the way.

So I would say…


“No, sir. I’ll always need you. I accept one day you will not be around, but the teachings will stay and I will continue to learn from them continuously.”


If I stop growing, how can I make others better than me? If the bar is set too low, will I accept that their growth will only go so far? HELL NO! I must do it for them so that they can do it for themselves. The meaning of life is hidden in there. I know it is. Together we can catch glimpses of how divine a sight it is. I want it just as bad as they do.

I think of my children, on how young they are. How much growing they still need to do. I remember what its like to be them. Confident yet lost. Brilliant but ignorant. Ambitious but lazy.

“Who do they have in their lives that can guide them to more than just greatness?” I would ask.


I know they have plenty of teachers and I feel and firmly believe it is important to have more than just one but I, their father, have to look deep within myself. There I found an answer. Be the person you want them to become. Someone who will not stand for a mediocre self. Someone who is independent but have strong senses for togetherness.

The best part of all of this? Sometimes my own lessons reflect back to me in a more powerful way. It shows me where I am and I get to ask myself if I like this result or not. What can be done to improve this? Does something need to be added? Strip away? My own children have become my teachers. This is why I teach, this is why I train. Help myself by helping others. Leaving a trail behind so others can travel it. Then…when my days are done and I can no longer walk the Earth, someone will finally become my replacement and continue where I left off; another reason why others are more important than me.

You can see his post on his site here”  Why do I teach…




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