Did you miss what happened Sunday?

Some of what we worked on this past Sunday, March 18th.

Rick Vargas Kali Silat and Self Defense, at Black Lightning Martial Arts.

We watched some clips of various types of Kali fighting.  Thanks to Youtube for being a vast archive of material.  We will do similar show and tells regularly, as I’d like you to have to have the fullest picture of this martial arts practice possible, I encourage you to research for yourselves as well.

  • Footwork!  Going to be lots of that, with and without weapons, and on levels 2-3-4.
  • 5 ct Sumbrada.
  • Level 1 smakstick sparring.
  • Rolling.  Or was that last week 🙂
  • Heaven six and variations.
  • Street fighting self defense skills.
  • The Russian Martial Art SYSTEMA was introduced.  I introduced movement drills and “zombie walk” which used to be a favorite of my younger students in Virginia.  We will be adding to that as we go on this journey.
  • Oh, we also began projectiles.

My guys and Black Lightning students, you are on a fixed drop in fee, that wont change for any of you.  New rates or structures may be applicable to new students in the near future. It will still be an incredible value.

Encourage  friends and family you like and trust to try our training group out, consider that its at a convenient time, small drop in fee ($10.00, cash, visa, mastercard accepted, no checks), no uniforms, and we work within your physical capabilities and limitations, plus it’s kinda fun! Adults preferred, exceptional children and under 18 only as recommended by Chris or Joe from Black Lightning.


Black Lightning Martial Arts
961 Diplomat Dr. Ste. 103
Debary, Fl 32713
(386) 337-5056

We are located in the Live Oak Center off of Enterprise Rd. in
Debary/Orange City.
Serving Debary, Orange City, Deltona, Sanford, Deland, Lake Helen, and Osteen.
Offering Karate, Taekwondo, Jujitsu, Kickboxing and several other martial arts to Children and Adults

KALI SILAT INSTRUCTOR RESERVES THE RIGHT TO DECLINE AN INDIVIDUALS PARTICIPATION AT ANY TIME. The training is intended for law abiding, well mannered individuals of good character and sound mind, as determined by the instructor.


2 thoughts on “Did you miss what happened Sunday?

    • Hi Mr. Orman. I did. It’s not a part of the Kali curriculum. My experience with Systema is not extensive, but I like to share what little of it I can. I like for my students to have a broad view of the martial arts, not just the picture of one “style.” I see you train a Systema group in Central Florida, I hope I can get out to it sometime. I’ve trained a little under Vasiliev, Manolakakis, and others, and was part of a training group in Virginia many years back. It’s a practice I enjoy very much as well. I look forward to meeting you.

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