Training at Black Lightining Martial Arts


Arnis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First day of the Kali Silat and Self Defense training group at Black Lightning Martial Arts today.  We breezed through a few things to set down the protocols, foundations, and to acquaint members with each other.

We’re going to do a lot of footwork with variations so practice those triangle movements. Regulars, we’ll be picking up where you left off and advancing.  New members, you’ll be surprised how fast you’ll move along.

One of my instructor buddies like to say “Kali that takes more than 6 months to learn isn’t real Kali.”  Might be an exaggeration, but then not.  I go with that idea.  I think it  means that you can learn most of the essentials (skills and strategies) in that time, then spend the rest of your time developing excellence and perfection at them.  I know some styles have extended curriculum’s, maybe it has more to do with how to train those few essentials as opposed to the number of ways you can do a #1 and 2 strike, after all a forehand is always a forehand, a backhand is always a backhand.

In our training group there are no tests because your are always being tested, there are no certificates because you certify to yourself whether you know something or not, there are no belts because a belt cannot represent your personal development.  Practice, practice, practice!



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