A Share, I learn from others as well as myself…

Something a distant teacher and instructor I admire has said recently.  It has been my thinking as well.   Cant figure hows to share the whole thing from FB but here it is.
Kelly S. Worden

Food for thought: My goal as an instructor is to guide with a less restrictive hand while embracing the original premise of freedom. A teacher should simply guide; assist in development by pointing the way to self expression and allowing personal choice to balance the scale of tactical efficiency. To me this is JKD; it is also a positive way to address leadership in an art of self realized progression. Without question educate but maintain the connection to reality, efficiency, and stay in tune with the evolution of adaptability. This is the key reason I invite so many other instructors to influence my students and teach shoulder to shoulder with them. This clarifies overlapping principles, stabilizes and expands teaching methodology, and also validates or possibly negates the efficiency of my curriculum that is in a constant mode of evolution.



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