Lecture at Half Off Books In Orange City

I’ll be doing a short talk and demo Saturday, February 23, 6:30pm at:

Half Off Books
2641 Enterprise rd.
Orange City FL 32763  Phone: 386-917-0100

Personal Protection For Everyone
The New Self Defense Paradigm

A fun and illuminating short lecture and demonstration on the matter of self defense for everyone, not just young athletes, professional responders, or martial arts experts.
Coach Rick specializes in short term self defense training for regular people, with average physical attributes, and little to no interest in “martial arts.”  If that
sounds like you at all, come enjoy this one of a kind seminar.

Topics Covered:

  • Background: The Girl, The Village
  • Awareness
  • 2 Easiest Unarmed Self Defense Actions
  • Self Training and Fitness
  • Having Fun And Intensity
  • Kali Silat: History and Demonstration

Rick Vargas is a Kali Silat Guro (Instructor), 5th Degree Black
Belt Karate Instructor, Systema Practitioner, Martial Arts Scholar.



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