Sunday Kali Training Group in Deltona

Want to say good work to everyone who came  to train, and to Stefano, who came to try it out for the first time. Stefano, hope you enjoyed it, and especially hope you took home some skills which can contribute to your personal growth.

These are relatively exotic skill sets, and it always amazes me how fast people can catch on.  I think it has to do with how much more natural the movements are than with for example the hard styles of Karate or the complex styles of Kung Fu.  Another thing I think is a big plus, is that there is no belt system (not that I use), no certificates, no testings, no uniforms, no time limit.  Just skills to learn and develop for yourself, to your own personal best.

Although there’s a lot to learn, every time you learn, you learn immediately practical and useful material.  Drills.  “Do the drill to learn the skill, learn the skill, you can forget the drill…” learn it for yourself, and then, “Make it your own.”

We may be adding training locations and times soon, and will look for a local source for sticks.

Keep practicing.


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