Training in Filipinio Martial Arts


We had a good session today.  Abecedario, Sinawalis, Twirls, hand strike sparring, empty hand applications.



Sayoc-kali (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Kali training is not something you can easily set into a 45 minute class format.  For me the most effective class time is 1 1/2 -2 hours.  In that time frame I can review past skills taught and fine tune them,  teach some new skills, begin the installation process, and explain some historical, conceptual, or technical details to put it all in context.


It’s my experience, and I try to share it the same way, that the learning part of training (the other parts being continual practice and excelling) should be light and easy, even fun.


The art itself can be deceiving.  Because a lot of the actions and movements follow the natural articulations of the human body, you can adapt them a lot faster than artificial fist on the waist, locked front stance, rigid head movements of say traditional or classical karate.  That in turn, causes some students to think they’re progressing faster than they are.  I often find myself calling out “Slower!  One at a time. Just cause it starts to feel good doesn’t mean you should go crazy…”  Hmmm. I remember hearing that a bit myself!


Slower movements teach precision, precision makes that very first twitch movement  effective, if that first move is effective, everything that follows is more effective. Once you’ve got precise effectiveness going on, speed and strength can pile on without the loss of quality that occurs when you try to bunch them together.  From there you can more efficiently progress to adding speed, strength, and non-compliance training onto a good foundation.


So even when it seems easy, take it slow and make it smooth, the rewards can be a life saver.







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