I’m reblogging this one so my readers may also view the topic and consider the question. I wrote in my journal last night that it is questions like these, and wondering about the answers, that lend depth to a person. I’ve had discussions like this with people who’d claim freewill without much evidence of it in their lives, living mostly by being carried along with the current, and never really trying to go against it, then they throw a pity party when the current takes them into rough waters or a crisis. I consider freewill to be the choice of not going along with the current, but do find it confounding that going along with the current is also a choice. Against the current requires effort, exercise, and building of strength, going with the current is the effortless default with greater unexpected rough waters along the path. At least those who pursue freewill can anticipate some of the challenges they may encounter and prepare for them. Thanks for the post mrprose.

Deep Thinkings

Hello again,

So it’s Friday, and I’ve been blogging now for 11 weeks, and written 71 articles/pieces/poems of some sort. That may not seem like a long time to some of you (I know that careers can and do go on for decades), but it’s a huge amount of time for me. Maybe it all has such an impact because the journey has been difficult and I’ve discovered so much. Despite the fact that I’ve missed a few days here and there, I think that keeping that fact in mind is a great way to positive and a little more confident.

The reason why I’m saying this, though, is because I think it’s time I introduce a new aspect to my blog. I’ve decided that every Friday (or at least the one’s that I get to), I’m going to pose a question for anyone to answer in any manner they like…

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  1. Thank you for reblogging, and I truly hope your readers contribute to your conversation. I think your believe is quite interesting, as though you’re uncovering your beliefs as you go.

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