The Base

New Brighton Lighthouse reflecting the sunset ...

(Photo credit: jimmedia)

I believe there is a martial arts and self defense base suitable for most people.

Lots of people enjoy painting, not everyone is on Picasso‘s level, but can enjoy the activity nonetheless.  You may step into mastery and excellence along the way, but the base is there for everyone.

The base training I suggest covers many aspects of the traditional martial arts, without the “loyalty” and narrowness of training often required of the individual leaders or systems. Without the demand to propagate lineages and styles. It is after all, for YOU, not for me. Reminds me of the saying “the Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.” So here a new paradigm, Martial arts were made for you to benefit from, not for you to be slave to!

I take it a step further. In my base program we will integrate other life skills into our individual repertoires. We will also study and consider some things like Meditation, NLP, Affirmation, Self Hypnosis, and most important of all, Common Sense.

What can you expect from this unusual, personalized, Martial Arts that I coach?

• Self Knowledge
• Personal empowerment in the form of self control, leadership skills, and increasing confidence
• Health, strength, and fitness
• Practical Intellectual and emotional intelligence
• Natural efficiency and peak performance
• Benefits of static and active meditation
• Spiritual / Ethical cultivation
• Effective responses to fear, anger, violence and discord, in other words, self defense skills.

You’ll also learn some of the hard skills of the martial arts, how to hit, how not to get hit, how to handle being hit, how to get in, but especially how to get out

When most people think about martial arts, they think about fighting or the self defense aspects.

Certainly martial arts are about training one to defend themselves, but the physical training involved in martial arts is just one part of the complete martial arts formula.

Personal growth and development, learning to stay calm and centered, having a clear and sober mind that can envision answers and solutions out of the box, improving your range and quality of life, having fulfilling relationships, being a value to your community, these are just a few of the additional benefits bestowed upon the serious student, from the right instructor.


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