Hand Wrapping

I sometimes wrap my hands for training, sometimes not. When I don’t it has to do with training myself to punch properly with or without a wrap. Good tutorial, thanks!

7th Fenix

How To Wrap Your Hands:

For Boxing, Kick Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Karate and Other Contact Punching Arts

By Christopher Caile

Hand Wrapping isn’t for cushioning the hands. That’s the role of a glove or hand protective equipment. Wrapping’s  role is one of support – to secure loose joints and moveable bones to limit possible injury, particularly of the knuckles, long bones along the back of the hand, and other small bones, especially in the wrist.  Wrapping helps distribute the shock of impact across the entire hand and wrist. This also helps limit strains or tears of the ligaments that connect the bones of the hand. Skin too is protected from bruising or tearing.

“When properly wrapped, as fingers close into a fist, the hand tightens into a solid, unified unit.”

The fact that your wrap doesn’t mean you can’t break bones or injure your hand upon impact. It only…

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