Training Group Forming In Deltona, FL

Kali Silat – This is martial arts from the Philippines and Indonesia, adapted for today, here and now. 

Fun and easy to learn.   Super Graceful.
Timeless self-defense and personal protection skills.

Fluid and fast.
Specifically focused on self-defense effectiveness, and survival fighting. Where else do you start your training by learning to use and defend against a weapon? We use the stick as our starting point, but cover other weapons, empty hands training, and combination’s of it all.

Watch the free Kali Lesson video below, and check the Flow link to see a double stick flow (all spontaneous) in a tournament (took first place over bo, sword, and kama katas).

Men, Women, Adults of all ages encouraged!
However, it is not kid stuff.  Adults preferred, 16 – 17 with parental consent and waiver.  Instructor reserves full right to accept and decline participants.

Learn to defend yourself or your loved ones, and truly have fun learning.
Reply via email if interested to:

Very Small Group Training only.


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